WMACC believes it is important to involve today’s youth in our efforts to sustain the history and culture of the West for future generations.  Because we find most school districts now have set curriculums with little latitude for deviation, we have begun to be more creative throughout California in making opportunities to interact with youth.

Recently WMACC participated in a 50th anniversary celebration at one of the original middle schools in Santa Clarita. Gency Brown, John Bergstrom and Greg Khougaz provided music for the festivities.  Guitar students from the school joined the trio in a few songs and Greg took time to give them guitar tips (picture). We heard later from their teacher that these kids were “pumped” and more motivated after our time with them.

John Bergstrom, no stranger to the classroom, recently performed and talked at a “Lunch and Learn” program at the same school and found good response from students and teachers alike.

Jackie Justus discovered a guitar class at the school where she teaches and donated an instrument in support of that effort.

Another retired educator, Cisco Jim Aceves has been performing at schools in his area of Northern California and hopes to begin performing with his horse to draw even more attention to the culture of the cowboy (Vaquero) in California.

Future goals include offering to join The Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival and The Monterey Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival in their well-established efforts in schools during those events.   We have also begun to contact music programs at colleges and universities for possibilities at that level.

If you are interested in working with our Youth Outreach Initiative Committee, please contact us at wmacc@westernmusiccalifornia.org. 

WMA California Chapter Ramps-up  Youth Initiative

The Western Music Association is an organization that encourages and supports the preservation,

performance and composition of historic traditional and contemporary music and poetry of The West

The Western Music Association and its chapters foster the professional growth of individual performing members. Our open membership policy encourages western music performers and fans to join and participate in the organization. The WMA publishes the quarterly "Western Way", the only professional magazine dedicated to the promotion of Western Music. The WMA website provides a central focus for Western Music performers and links to their individual websites.  The WMA Youth Chapter was started  to acquaint students with the musical heritage of the American West, from traditional trail songs, through the era of the movie cowboy, to contemporary western songwriting. For more of our history go to www.westernmusic.org

 An evening with

Walden Dahl

Friday March 24, 2017

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