I just learned of the passing of this great man and true friend. Gary Brown was a multi talented, multi faceted person. His achievements were many. You will be truly missed, Chief.     ~Jerry Hall

I was saddened to hear of Gary’s passing. He always seemed like such a strong guy – like the ones in the silent western films he loved so much. My fondest memory of Gary is when, after my show at Maverick’s, he asked if I wanted to watch a silent western film with him. He had a large collection of DVDs of old films. When I said yes, he happily made some popcorn - plenty for each. Then we settled each into our comfy easy chairs to watch the flickering old film. I was delighted to spend
the rest of the evening this way. I think I came to know him better from that. The determination and overall character of the cowboy ranger in that film was inspiring. Gary Brown was and will continue to be inspiring.
~Joyce Woodson

This is a terrible loss.  He loved Western music. He was a great supporter and a good man.      ~Marilyn Tuttle

Our hearts are filled with such sadness and a Deep sense of loss at the passing of our precious friend Gary Brown . Proud husband, father, and the worlds best grandpa, western film historian, mentor, Western Music producer and promoter , friend to so many, 'Pappy' to some and GeeBee to me, and so much more. But most of all a champion for our Lord who lived his faith every day!!!He loved the play on our initials, he was always GeeBee to me, and I was always BeeGee to him. He became a very protective 'uncle' to me when my late husband passed away and made me promise I would not marry Robert Lorbeer till he had met him and 'checked him out' . We often laughed about that because he and my Bob quickly became fast friends. He even asked Bob to be the keynote speaker for one of his beloved Point Man conferences. We have all lost a treasure and the void of his absence will never be filled on this earth. But I am so grateful that one day I will once again see that twinkle in his eye, get a hug, and GeeBee and I will get to worship our Lord forever ... together. Save a place around that heavenly campfire for us dear friend.      ~Belinda Gail

I just talked to him a couple weeks ago. Such a strong reminder of how fragile and precious life is. Gary was such a good and strong man, giving so many like me the opportunity to do what we love in that legendary place he created out of the love he had for Western culture. What an enormous void he will leave in the heart of the West and in all of us. Rest in peace dear Gary.    ~Rob Wolfskill

Now I know why the MONTANA'S BIG SKY was so glorious yesterday evening as I drove to Great Falls.. I awoke this morning to the news of Gary Brown passing on. Heaven turned on the lights to welcome Gary. I am forever blessed to have known this great man. I will see you again!      ~Almeda Bradshaw

 I would like to extend my sincere condolences to the family of Gary Brown. Gary provided a venue in Visalia for Western entertainment and proved to be a wonderful supportive energy for the cowboy way of life. Thank you Gary. RIP     ~Dave Redboy Schildt

Sad to hear of the passing of Gary Brown. He was a giant in the support of all things Western. RIP, Gary      ~John Bergstrom

Wow... I am saddened and heartbroken to learn of the passing of Gary Brown. He not only loved Western Music and Cowboy Poetry he embodied the spirit of the West and was simply a true friend to so many of us. I will not forget breakfast in Elko, lunch in Ashland, and supper at your home in Visalia. We shared great talks about community and his thoughts on crime being a symptom, and as the grand lawmen he was he looked to the power of community along with solutions to those underlying causes of crime. I will never forget that night in Visalia where you opened your home to me and other performers and simply shared. You're singing from the ridge now...     ~Kent Reeves

Gary will be missed by so many, he touched so many lives in countless ways. We'll never forget the day Don Edwards and he stopped into OutWest with their grandsons - they were swinging by on their way to a ball game - part of a trip visiting several ba seball parks. We were so surprised and delighted to visit with them. And - there's nothing like a night of music at Mavericks - our inspiration for the SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series. ~Bobbie Jean Bell

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I'm sorry to hear about the passing of Gary Brown - a great supporter of western music and a wonderful human being. My favorite memory is him sharing a Tom Mix movie with Carolyn and me when we stayed at his house. That, and Shane, which I think he thought was the best western movie ever made...     ~Dave Martin

Goodbye, Gary Brown. Thank you for being such a powerful advocate for western artists like myself and so many others. In a lifetime of achievements and contributions, the greatest accomplishment of all is your beautiful, tight-knit family. You will be missed.     ~Mary Kaye

Although I know that Mr. Gary is in a better place now, I am so saddened to hear of his passing. This great friend and supporter of all things Western will be sorely missed by all of us whose lives he touched. I'm honored to have been one of the many whom he supported and invited to his home and to perform at Maverick's and will always treasure the memories of the conversations and the time spent with him and his family. My prayers go out to you all and my heart aches for your loss. I grateful for his love of the Lord knowing that he is now happier than we are. RIP     ~ Mikki Daniel

Gary Brown, we just want you to know that our hearts are with you in California & there are not words right now to describe the impact you have had on our lives. As a matter of fact, had there not been you and your amazing drive, passion for the West and its music- why, I might never have met Mr. H and Calvin Danner and Ethan might never have been. ❤ All my love to you.      ~ Lisa Hampton

Gary Brown was not a close personal friend of mine, but I wish he had been. I knew him fairly well and I had covered the Monterey Cowboy Music Festival (which he organized) numerous times for "Rope Burns" magazine and the Western Music Association. He was certainly a great friend to Western Music.. Besides his abilities to organize and start Music Festivals, he hosted radio shows, and was instrumental in helping many young Western musicians get started or advance in the business.He had  a love of Western Movie memorabilia and was gracious enough to let us tour his home and see these treasures.In our last correspondence  February 29, he thanked me for sending him some pictures to use for this year's Monterey Festival and invited me to cover  the festival again this year.. Besides  being  a true gentleman, he kept his abiding faith as a Christian  to the end.. He will be missed.        ~Jack Hummel

Lost a dear friend this morning. You will be missed my pal.      ~Don Edwards

Lost one of the good guys this morning. We will miss you Gary Brown.     ~Kathy Edwards


California Chapter 

Gary Brown gave unconditional love and a wagon load of work for western music.
He was a good guy. 
Now he's organizing the Camp Meetin' in the Sky.
~Larry Wilder

I only met Gary once but we had shared many email conversations about Western music and poetry in California.  It was such a treat for me to finally meet him face to face.  Even on that occasion what he wanted to talk about was our WMA chapter, how we could honor the mission we shared and grow membership.  And of course he offered his continued support and guidance.  We will miss our friend.   ~Gency Brown

Gary Brown was a treasure to all who knew him and important for many who never met him.  Performers have venues to play and fans have access to them because of his tireless efforts to promote Western music and poetry. 

I just got the news that Gary Brown has passed away... My sincere condolences to his family and friends... He was very kind to me and very supportive of my music. Safe travels, Gary. Sincerely, Andrew Hardin

We are deeply saddened by the news of the passing of our friend Gary Brown. We will always be thankful that we had the great pleasure of knowing him and working with him on so many occasions. He was a wonderful man, great friend to so many, and a true champion for all things Western. ~ Mathew 5:4     ~Eli Barsi